I’m Off!

I’m just about to board my flight from Atlanta to Seoul and then Seoul to Bali. I don’t love flying even though I do it all the time, so the prospect of nearly 20 hours in the air is a bit daunting, but I don’t let it stop me. My plan is to be in Bali for a few weeks and then head to Bangkok, where I hope to find a teaching job. I’m a planner, and not having a definite plan has caused me one or two night terrors over the past week. I was supposed to be embarking upon this journey with my boyfriend, but the prospect of adventure scared him too much and he bailed. I’m nervous and excited to be doing this on my own (and I don’t know which emotion is stronger). All I know is that I can’t let nerves stop me, and I have to keep pushing myself to experience as much life as possible (given I survive these two flights…which I will! Right? Right.).

Thus far my resolve for this trip has already been tested. I left my debit card at O’Hare after I felt pressured to vacate my restaurant table for incoming patrons and I was creeped out by a guy sitting across from me, who wouldn’t stop staring at me. At a Bank of America in Atlanta I learned I cannot be issued a temporary card if I’m leaving the country and the best they could do was give me some cash, which was a longer than necessary process. At the airport I was tossed between Delta and Korean Airways (queueing at both counters) because neither airline thought I was flying with them. A minor rainstorm also soaked my luggage and I used some of my waiting time to dry out my clothing.
You know how they say the more mishaps a wedding has, the better the marriage? If the same is true for traveling then I’m about to have the time of my life!

So here we go, dear readers. Off to Asia and hopefully yet another place to call home! Let’s hope this blog is soon filled with some grand adventures.

A photo from my Snapchat and a photo by one of my lovely friends, who stayed with me during my 13 hour Atlanta layover. 

3 responses to “I’m Off!”

  1. Wow you’ve been to Seoul so nice


    1. Yes, but just the airport unfortunately. I hope to visit the actual city soon!


      1. OK but it nice still

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